About Us


 Jazzeddout Case Bar was founded in 2014 by owner J.M. Daniels.  The owner's vision was to offer customized and personalized phone cases and phone accessories for customers.  Which is why Jazzeddout Case Bar (JCB) adopted the motto "Customize what you want.  How you want it!"  This signifies that the customer is in charge of the look of their phone case and accessories; while JCB executes the customer's vision while providing immaculate customer satisfaction.

      Not only does Jazzeddout Case Bar offer personalized phone cases, our company offers unique and fun premade designs for phone cases and phone accessories.  These premade designs are original and offer a multi variety of "look" to choose from besides the typical designs customers are accustomed to seeing in stores.  This option allows JCB to offer an "instant" selection to shoppers. 

       Today JCB continues to grow in ideas, merchandise, and business partnerships.  The goal is to continue to grow, never stop expanding, and becoming a household name.  We are forever grateful for the new customers, potential customers, and existing customers who support our company.  We promise to bring a unique retail experience for all customers, offering the highest level of product quality, creativity, originality and ingenuity in the most personal and stylish way.